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Sheet metal working and parts fabrication in small- to medium-sized lots using CNC laser cutting machines, press brakes, and surface treatment centres. We offer decades of experience and a modern machine park to our clients. Since 1996, we have been able to meet the great challenges posed by the diversity of our clients and sheet metal products thanks to continuous and planned technological development.

Control panels

Control panels from design to delivery, using laser-cut parts that require custom machining. Creation of environmentally friendly surface finishes with screen-printed markings according to individual needs.


Consoles - whether designed for housing automated industrial control and monitoring equipment or simpler tasks - are usually produced to custom requirements on our laser cutting and sheet metal working machines.

Switching cabinets

Switching cabinets in all shapes and sizes, from single-door switching boxes to switching cabinet systems. Protection conformant with standards, environmentally friendly surface treatment, and various connection and fastening options.

Rack cabinets

Our rack cabinets suitable for housing the standard industry format 19" rack units and modules are also produced using our modern machine park. We can produce rack cabinets from 2U size up to the complete 42U unit size.

Instrument boxes

Design and production of laser-cut and press-braked custom instrument boxes and cabinets in small- to medium sized lots. We can cooperate on the design of your instrument box, or, alternatively, will be happy to provide you with one of our prototypes.

Electronic housings
Electronic housings

Production of laser-cut and press-braked electronic housings in small- to medium sized lots. Electronics for power supply units, measuring and diagnostic instruments, control and monitoring devices with a resistant and aesthetic design.

Sheet metal components
Sheet metal components

We can produce any sheet metal item for you in small- to medium sized lots: vehicle parts made of sheet metal, cover plates, complete sheet metal boxes, accessories, or their individual components.

Rack components

Accessories for rack cabinets in various formats and with custom shapes as needed. Cable trays, cable conduits, cable combs, socket housings, and other necessary building blocks for countless technologies.

Sheet metal parts
Sheet metal parts

The sheet metal parts produced by us are used in a great variety of finished products, from vehicles through IT and instrumentation industry products to furniture industry products.

Structural elements
Structural elements

Supporting structures from rails through fasteners to accessories, in every possible shape and design. Whether you need a specific supporting or covering function, we will strive to realise any idea.

Industrial PC
Industrial PC parts

Complex housing for industrial PCs. Production of PC housings, reinforcing and fastening parts with the dimensions specified in industrial standards, surface treatment, and screen-printed labelling. Installation of necessary accessories.

Turned components
Turned components

From turned structural elements and accessories to all kinds of milling, turning, shapes and designs. Production of screws and fasteners with our CNC milling and turning machines.

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