Quality Assurance

The business policy of EMG-METALL Kft.

A primary goal of EMG-METALL Kft. is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and partners to the maximum extent possible with our activities and services. Quality control that covers every detail and its documentation - for our suppliers also - play a crucial role in our activities. Communication with our clients and partners is a key priority for us. We wish to establish fair and comprehensive cooperation based on trust. The basic principle of our enterprise and business strategy has always been to use the most modern materials and technologies known to us for our services. We expect our suppliers to provide us with perfect products, materials, and services, as this is an indispensable requirement for implementing our business policy. The goal of our enterprise is to become a renowned company in Hungary that also maximally satisfies its clients. During our activities we strive to create products of excellent quality, with short deadlines.

Our fundamental objectives

- continuous and ceaseless development in all our operational areas
- providing consistently high-quality performance
- maintaining and improving our market position
- maintaining and improving our good reputation
- acquiring new client partners.

We are committed to developing and certifying MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009-conformant Quality- and MSZ EN ISO14001:2005-conformant Environmental Management Systems to serve as tools for this.

We expect all colleagues of our enterprise to take part in the implementation, application, and continuous operation of our Quality- and Environmental Management Systems with dedication, according to their role.

Our certificates
cert9001 cert14001

About us


  • New sheet metal processing machine
  • Environmental development



  • Sheet metal cabinets
  • Sheet metal elements
  • Rack cabinets, parts
  • Control panels
  • Consoles
  • Boxes
  • Parts

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2120 Dunakeszi, Repülőtéri út 1. Hungary Phone:   +36 27 341-017
Fax:   +36 27 390-215
E-mail: info@emgmetall.hu

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